Monday, February 11, 2008

Project Lifesaver Info-

February 7th , 2008
I am still green to this “blog” concept but love the idea of a place for a recent thought, idea and updates of what is “going on”.
My website is currently going through some changes and will soon have much new information and links for upcoming projects. Please give my web people a week to get all of this information up to the site.
As to Project Lifesaver in Minnesota- it is time to get involved and help us take our pleas to MN Government. My website will have all the recent information and contact information I hope next week. It is the consensus of those of us heading this that the long haul and the number(s) of people actively involved in this project will make the difference. Check the website at for information.
I am still working with families on the second book profiling Minnesota families raising Autistic children. I have a long way to go but the project is active. It has somewhat “taken on a life of it’s own” so to say and my involvement with our families is such a gift.
I have been approached to do a children’s book on Autism. A book geared to be used in the classroom to explain Autism to non- special needs students who have or will have Autistic children in their classes. I am looking for a talented illustrator to be involved in this project- preferably a person close to or raising an Autistic child. Please contact me via my website if you would like to be considered for this project.

With the changes in the website there will be a “sneak peak” of the novel I am working on. It is my first “non- autistic “ project that is far from complete.

APRIL is National Autism Awareness Month- We are currently planning some projects for APRIL - check the website appearance schedule for what I will be doing in April.
I am getting more comfortable with the “blog” concept and plan to use it often.

Chat to you later,
All my best,