Tuesday, September 8, 2009

President Obama's Speech to US Students

The ideology of members of the Republican Party and furthermore the Right side news media to encourage parents to keep their children home from school today is preposterous, again another shock to the absurd thinking they continue to entertain me with. The President of the United States delivered a speech to US students this morning.

A brief reflection of history here-

President Reagan also delivered a speech to US students in the 80's. He focused his speech to school age students on governments need to cut taxes.
The 1st President Bush also delivered a speech to US students in 1991. He asked for the countries students to help him achieve his goals as President.
As we know both of these Presidents were Republican. The news media nor the opposing party made issue with the President of the county addressing students.

Now in the year 2009 the President of the US delivers a thoughtful speech to students: discussing respect for their teachers, encouraging students to take their academics seriously, to stay in school, graduate, to study and consider their public education as a opportunity for their future.

This is what the Right side finds worthy of attack? This is what all of the frenzied was about? The fear antics that socialism will be spread to our children if they listen to the President of the US?
Give me a break-

I recall President Reagan's speech as I was still in school. I was not a student at the time of President Bush's speech but did view it today on the internet.
I have listened to President Obama's to students today.

Student's today are facing a barrage of obstacles today that I never did as a student. Our county is at war, we are in a economic crisis as a nation. Many of these students are witness and living the with the true understanding of what war does to a family as their parents are far away fighting that war. Many students are living in situations where the family is facing the real impact of the finical crisis or have lost their home or parents are unemployed. Drug use by students is at an all time high. The high school drop out rate is also at a all time high. Many students are living in single parent homes. Do we really need to scare them anymore?

Today's address to US students by a President is not a first nor I hope not the last that a President will give.

Do we need people to put fear in these students that holds no merit? I think not.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Six Days and Counting

We are on the count down for school to begin! I never know just how Mike will embrace the start of the school session. He has had the world by the tail here for three months. We have spent our summer break very relaxed with most everything revolving around Mike: just as he likes it to be ( wouldn't all of us! ).

We will shop for our school supplies and some new cloths later this week. I was not ready to shop until now as I was unsure if Mike would be excited for this or dreading this. Mike does not have the understanding for me to shop and tell him that this is for school in a few weeks. For Mike if something is purchased now - then you use it now. Later is not something Mike does real well at.

Mike has enjoyed his summer playing in his play yard, jumping on the trampoline, 4-wheeling, watching movies, drawing, and honing his laptop skills and running the printer. He loves a routine that is just his own with little to no interruption's. We have a shopping day one day each week. He loves to shop but assumes that shopping is just for him and what he wants to have and then we should be done and get back to home.

I have tried to get Mike back into a early bed time routine before school starts. That has not gone very well. The only person who appears to be ready for bed at an earlier time is me. Jim has been gone much of this summer working so Mike and I have been running solo here. He misses his dad and I sure miss someone to tag team with even if for just a brief bit of time in the evening.

In 6 days that bus will be in our driveway and Mike will have a big surprise. I will ease him into it again and will mention school starting this weekend. I have brought it up a few weeks ago and he was unhappy. He yelled a bit and ran to his room. He loves it here at home with his mom. He loves every ounce of my attention to be only for him. Hey, who wouldn't like that? It is however not a reality. I have enjoyed my one on one time with Mike around the clock for the past 3 months. I am however exhausted! I look forward to both Mike and I finding our "public" legs again. He needs to get back in the routine of learning and relating with other people besides his mother. I need to get back to "playing" with grown ups for the day. Both of us find our groove when we are summer bound at home. It is always a concern when it is time to shift once again.

I will enter Mike's new school year with the highest expectations for all involved-Mike included. Mike has a voice and has found some words. I believe with proper attention and time with his fantastic speech teacher he may find more of his voice and a clear understanding of the power of his speech to be the key that unlocks many doors in his life for him.
Mike and I believe his teachers last year saw a marked improvement in Mike and their ability to reason with Mike when a few words came. I continue to hope ( and pray real hard ) that they find the time and staff to invest more in his speech work as without good communication between them they are often at odds. The time to investment in him is now. Meeting Mike's educational needs in my focus for his school year.

I know many families are in the same situation as we are with school starting. There is a bit sweet and sour that comes with this time of year. Just know that you are not alone. I will be awake the night before school begins and will pace the floor when he leaves and wonder how it going? I will like many have days when Mike is upset at leaving to go to school. I wish I could stop time and keep Mike young and innocent and be there for him always. I know that is not realistic so we must find the tools to move forward and do the best we can for our autistic kids and prepare for a time when we are no longer here.

With that said- here is to another school year!!