Thursday, April 14, 2011

Books - # 3 and # 4

Writing a book is not an easy task. I am currently juggling two books. One is on Autism the other is a novel that I either love or need to enter therapy once it is published. I started my novel a couple of years ago. My second book had just been published and I was looking for a creative outlet but desperately needed it to not be on Autism. What I found was I dove in head first in my novel, it was a book I had wished to write for a long time. I lacked the time and was very worried about taking on another project while following my writing motto- write what you know- stick to what applies to you and you will do well writing. I was ready to leave my comfort zone.

My novel- currently titled "The Sleeping Demons"  *TM*. I have no problem letting the title out as chances are it will be re-titled before publishing. It is a demon let me tell you! Twenty-two chapters already and I can not seem to let it go down the path of completion. I have no clue how it will end as of yet. There are several options and all in my opinion are great and satisfying. My type "A" personality can be a bugger to deal with at times.

To give a brief blurb is to say it is a thriller/mystery/who done -- it with politics involved. The best part of the novel is it is filled with the stories of the people I have met in my life, all intertwined into one story. I have the great pleasure to know some pretty fantastic people who live very interesting lives. FYI- I have changed all parties names- but you will find yourself if you are a character, as I have made it very easy. Names are different- first letters of names are the same.
I have allowed the first few chapters to be viewed and I was thrilled with the response from each person for more chapters. I am sorry to say I have yet to let those go at this time.

I still have much work to do and a few rewrites for my own comfort and then the dreaded editing process. I hope it will be on shelves by the end of this year. I am nervous to part with it. The art has not even started on it, however I can close my eyes and see the cover of the book. I love each aspect of the creative process and have great difficulty stepping back and letting others do for me, even when it is their job to do so.
I also am giving great thought to publishing it under a different name. I have a few that I write under. Thriller novels do better under a male name, I am sorry to report.
I will keep you posted as the process gets closer. Nevertheless, it is exciting. Nothing compares to the thrill then your book arriving from the publisher - the first one off the press.

My second book-
I believe the solid title will be " We Travel a Different Road-The Autism Super Highway"  *  I have already had it trademarked by the way * thus the *TM* on the above also.

I am excited as the process moves along step by step. The cover is proving a bit complicated. I want a road map, cartoon style, a car - cartoon style and Jim, Mike, and I with our real photo faces in the car. It takes a lot to rattle me in the complicated department. My life is complicated from the moment my eyes open in the morning and it does not end until I close them briefly each night. Frankly, my life can get real complicated while sleeping. You either roll with it, or succumb to it's madness- we be rolling here at our place.

I own all the rights to my books and other publishing. It comes with great pride however it makes for a little fish in a big ocean at times. I lack at times a real understanding of what I want and the reality of what can be done in the form of publishing. My art gal, editor, and marketing people I am sure would tell you I am a handful at times. It is a learning process and it changes all the time. Just about the time I get it, am a confident player in the field, the game changes. Such is the game of life. I be playing.

This book is a focus on Autism, Family and Life as one navigates its way to live it with so and many obstacles and worries. We get there, we just travel a different road, often without a map, a car, gas, a rest stop, or someone to rotate the tires, fix the engine, or provide an oil change. We still manage to get to the destination, often with one of us pushing the car, while the other steers, trying not to swerve into oncoming traffic, because of all the distractions. I just wanted to check in, give a bit of an update on what I am doing. I am excited and stressed by the process, I remind myself how dull and boring life would be otherwise and that just would never do.

All my best- Julie