Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where Did I Go?

Interesting title for my Blog today.  The question is where did I go for so long?  The answer is... no where.  I have been here plugging away writing, even blogging.  In my draft file of my Blogger I have 13 drafts- well written, just never posted.  I am not generally a impulsive blogger.  I have many thoughts, even taking the time to write them, just not always one to post them.  I may read them again and see if they still hold merit to publish here. 

I continue to write.  Politics and Special Education seem to take precedence over everything else that I write.  We can give a shout out that politics have been sparky enough to write about and the economic situation in our country has more then had an impact on Special Education. 

I am almost finished with my third book on Autism- still yet untitled-it manages to find it's own title as it nears the end.  A novel that I am working on (19) chapters in, has also taken much of my time. 

In the interim, I sent my oldest off to college, my youngest off to the 4th grade, buried a beloved pet and fell in love with a new one.  Still married to my man Jim ( saying it that way makes it sound as I may have been on the fence about that ).  He remains as adorable and patient as ever. 

I am off to read my drafts and see what I think is still relevent to today.  Life is good, Mike is great and life continues on.  I will make an appearence here more often and see what touble I can get into.  I reamain ever the spark, carrying my spoon to stir the pot.

Peace`  JJJS