Sunday, August 14, 2011

My View on Politics

August 14, 2011

I was recently asked a question on my viewpoints on candidates currently running for the office ( actually to clarify, my viewpoints on a recent televised debate ) of the President of the United States.

 For me, it is far to early in the process to make any solid stance at this time.  What I offer below are my standings "in" politics.

** Please note at the beginning, I have included a brief answer to the author of the question, my reason for a tardy response.

I apologize for my lack of a timely response. Evenings are hectic here getting Mike settled into his evening bedtime routine. I am a married mother of an autistic 10 year old who finds herself flying solo this summer as Jim is in SD working. I generally shut my PC off before I get my son settled for the evening.

Politics are a saucy subject that one hopes will lead to a charged, yet a respectful dialog. As individuals, each living very different lives we can expect nothing less then different view points and opinions.

My thoughts on the debate Thursday evening are; I was impressed with no one. On the positive note, it is early in the game.

I, like so many want one particular candidate to shine, have all the answers and a sense of self respect for themselves and we the people. I have been a registered Republican and a registered Democrat and voted along both of those party lines. I also have voted as an Independent in the past.

I believe people vote according to the issues most at hand for them and those they hold close.

For some, they are focused on taxes, others it is health care, the struggling economy, education, civil rights, and the list could go on...and on.

Each person generally takes the position of what a candidate can do for them and fails to see the big picture of unison.

I believe that lifting people up rather then suppressing them is a win-win situation for all. I believe in equal rights for all. If you are an American citizen and tax payer, you should be allowed the same civil rights each American has ( or is suppose to have ). I believe strongly in the separation of church and state. Religion in my opinion, has no place in politics.

I believe strongly in public service.

I am a avid history buff, our country has managed to overcome so many hardships and struggles. I do not believe one person alone can take the responsibilities for the issues our county faces nor solve all of our current struggles alone.

In my opinion currently, we are a bitter and angry people. Self service and greed seems to drive people in positions of power.

I do not believe we will see real issues resolved with this way of thinking.

I wish to hear from candidates what their opinions and goals are, not what the person standing next to them has done in the past. We know collectively that living in the past is no solid way to strive for a future.

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